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Are these fatsacks?

You do like them, don't you? Yeah, you do. ;)

Now that was something different! Funny, disturbing, captivating. Strangely pleasureable to watch.

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I just have to make a comment here. Huge Hollow Knight fan!

Simple concept, well done. It's fun!

Ok, it's lundum dare, I get that and I give some stars for that. But there is a difference between making something in a very short time and rushing something. This seems rushed and hoestly, uninspired. Quite the anti-goal for ld.

Only being on screen half the time, the other trying to steer a stiff character, begging for the hit detection to work at least sometimes... Meh, this isn't very fun. The theme is ok for newgrounds but has lost its appeal. Overall, it is rather slow and gets boring quickly. I blame that one on unity. It just has that typical unity game feel all over it.

And please stop overusing the screen shaking function. We've seen it for years now and it's not more effective if it is used more often.

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It's a mix of different styles. If it was a standalone piece, it's a bit too fast and a bit too much going on for me. But when added to a trailer, it probably is rather fitting. I like the 3rd quarter quite very much and the beggining of the 4th (with the synth as melody) is very promising in my opinion. Looking forward to the trailer.

Definitely a Waterflame vibe there. Just like in many other songs by you. ;)

PredatorMusic responds:

It is heavily inspired by him haha, thank you!

The harmonics are highly inspiring. But sadly the overdrive of the voice hurts (physically). The sudden change of pace in the second half with the fast gameing-like rhythm is interesting but comes rather out of place.

Maybe try to not overdrive the voice. That's what is killing the pleasure of finding goods in your rather ambitious experimental piece.

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Blockhead, is that you?

The scene just screams for cartoonish slapstick. I imagine Wile. E. Coyote being a distant cousin of her.

But seriously, great work!

schmuccubus responds:

Ahaha gosh, thank you!

Very inspiring. Deserves all of the stars. Though some nitpicking (sorry):

The pose is a litte too casual for such a powerful blow. The right leg could be stretched way more, maybe even be off the ground. Motion error: Performing such an swing is impossible with the hands holding the axe like that. Should be way more "ellyptical/curvy". And the neck could be more to the back for a little more excitement. Also, the axe seems to be rather light-weight which does not correspond to the force unleashed in the water.

Don't take this the wrong way, its a very inspiring piece!

Let's Player, YouTuber, Gamer, Programmer, Webprogrammer, Artist, Art Lover, Wannabe Voice Actor, Game Developer, Music composer, ... There are so many things I do. And Newgrounds is one of the places I spend some minutes every day to get inspiration.

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