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Story and Expressions are very good. I enjoyed the film and that deserves 5 stars.

Though I think, you need some development to do. Your character has great visual charm and you seem to know its design by heart. Maybe a bit too much by heart. Meaning: I could very well imagine something animated by you in a way more extreme way (saying that with your style being kind of abstract already). Go wild, go more to the surreal realm of imagination and spread your wings. Doesn't have to be all storytelling consistent, Doesn't have to be realistic. I'd enjoy some boldness.

Exaggaration responds:

Thank you very much!

Oh, I definitely do. Mentioned in my description, I would've done more bold moves and such, I was just on a time restriction. But as an animator by myself, I absolutely agree.

That was something enjoyable. Very simplistic and unique style. But very good story, very psychological. Deserves more views.

That is just so much 90's vibe. Hedgehogs have never been faster (except when launched into space)

Excellent work of everybody! Really, really enjoyable!

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I just have to make a comment here. Huge Hollow Knight fan!

Simple concept, well done. It's fun!

Ok, it's lundum dare, I get that and I give some stars for that. But there is a difference between making something in a very short time and rushing something. This seems rushed and hoestly, uninspired. Quite the anti-goal for ld.

Only being on screen half the time, the other trying to steer a stiff character, begging for the hit detection to work at least sometimes... Meh, this isn't very fun. The theme is ok for newgrounds but has lost its appeal. Overall, it is rather slow and gets boring quickly. I blame that one on unity. It just has that typical unity game feel all over it.

And please stop overusing the screen shaking function. We've seen it for years now and it's not more effective if it is used more often.

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Quite an interesting take!

Really catchy. And mastering sounds very nice. Very clean and everything is very distinguishable. Something which I yet have to master. I can easily see how this became your favourite.

One thing though. It sounds veeery much like Waterflame. And as great as our both inspiration is, I would wish for a more unique PredatorMusic style.

Still, top score!

PredatorMusic responds:

Thanks man!

I’m still trying to find my own unique style, I gotta start somewhere tho, but I’m still afraid of getting out of my comfort style zone! But I will get there eventually.

Yeah, somebody did the Adventures of Captain 8 Bit, one of my favourites!
You are right, it is a bit heavy. But the originality and quality is very refreshing!

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Very scary. Quite eye catching.

One thing though: The shadow confuses me. Where exactly is the light? The rays come from top left, the glare in the spiders body and the shoulder of the man tend to a light in the top right and the shadow of the fully visible leg let's us assume to have a light from above but behind the spider... I Imagine this would be quite nice with much darker shadows and the light further below and farther away. Or from behind the man.

SeventhTower responds:

Thank you for the critique! I really appreciate anyone's input!
I did this like 3 years ago, so I don't exactly remember the mindset for the lighting, but I think when I was setting up lighting I made two sources? I uses 3d software to rig lights and stuff to help me get a better idea of what I want, and I think that's what I did here. It probably doesn't make any sense, real world wise, but I tend to light my comic like a movie. It's not typically realistic haha Like a Quentin Tarantino movie. I have gotten better I think! Hopefully, the newer pages would be less confusing.

Blockhead, is that you?

The scene just screams for cartoonish slapstick. I imagine Wile. E. Coyote being a distant cousin of her.

But seriously, great work!

schmuccubus responds:

Ahaha gosh, thank you!

Let's Player, YouTuber, Gamer, Programmer, Webprogrammer, Artist, Art Lover, Wannabe Voice Actor, Game Developer, Music composer, ... There are so many things I do. And Newgrounds is one of the places I spend some minutes every day to get inspiration.

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