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New year cleanup findings

2018-01-02 09:27:42 by Manderby

On January 1st, I tried to clean up a little my computer and found out that there are still some old music pieces laying around which I compos(t)ed more than 10 years ago. So I thought, why not post them on Newgrounds to make some more entries for my audio submissions. Maybe to finally get scoutet? Let me know what you think!

A classical song:

Three funk / dance / experimental / 80ies songs:

Had a lot of fun rediscovering my old experiments but it was no easy task to make the old files work. Who in the world composes with GarageBand anyway?

For Pixelday, I thought I could play an old game which I really liked here on Newgrounds.


Playthrough in German.


Play the game here:



As part of a weekly livestream, I play games here on newgrounds in German. This time, I played the lovely game with our ultimate friend Cuboy: Back to the Cubeture.


Play the game here:


Owlboy German Let's Play

2016-11-08 07:22:02 by Manderby

Owlboy deserves every credit there is. And even though it is not a Newgrounds game, I follow the lead of admiring the beatiful pixel-art platformer by delivering you a Let's Play in German:

Go buy that game, it is nostalgically beatiful and fun to play.

Join me to play a little game series hosted here on Newgrounds.

Doing a blind run in German. Have Fun!

Play the games here:

A quick run of Madness Accelerant in German

2016-09-24 12:23:58 by Manderby

To celebrate 10 years of madness, I do a quick run of Madness Accelerant in German.


Play the game here:


Watch the video here:


Epische Schlacht Fantasie Drei!

2016-07-29 16:03:22 by Manderby

German Playthrough of Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Need I say more? Play it here or watch the Let's Play (German knowledge mandatory)!


I did a Live-Stream of Newgrounds-Games some days ago. I covered three games. Have fun watching the episodes in German!

Pandemic II (3 Episodes):

Lost Ethereal:

Mastermind: World Conqueror (8 Episodes)




Remember this launch game? One of my favourites!

Play it here:

And here is the sequel:

And for those speaking German, I did a 6-part video. Have fun!


After I barely beat the first part of Epic Battle Fantasy, I just had to continue with Chapter II. This time, I'm doing you a favor and I try to talk in English!

But aside from that, Remember Grand Adventure? I did, but I did not remember why I never finished that game. This is your chance to beat it before me. Beware: This Let's Play is in German.